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You know what we hate? When companies don’t list prices on their websites. We don’t want you to hate us, so, here’s a rough idea of what you can expect for pricing.

Unfortunately, DJ Services is really difficult to list set prices for. Our pricing is dependant on how large and complex your event personalization is, and how competitive our market is (Of course, comparing apples to apples). For example, you cannot compare our service to to any “Craigslist DJs” or any “Former Club DJs” because neither have the skills to personalize your event entertainment. It is our opinion and experience that a “Craigslist DJ” is you typical beginner DJ who does not have the reputation or the experience do a professional Job: You CANNOT compare them to our services….  A “Former Club DJ,” while great on the turntables, may not realize other important elements of the wedding reception (Hint: It’s Not the Lighting!) and will fail you with his Master of Ceremonies Skills (or lack of them): You CANNOT compare them to our services…..

To give you at least some idea of our pricing,

Elegante Entertainment Basic DJ Services start at  $797.00 which is extremely competitive for our a stress free reception and it includes EVERYTHING you need for your Wedding Entertainment, you don’t have to worry about hiring another company to do your sound system!!!   just read what previous clients have said.

Elegante Entertainment Personalized Wedding DJ Services start at  $1,197.00. If you are looking for more than the “cookie cutter” wedding reception or the “McWedding” approach to wedding receptions, this is your best option! You pay a little more, but you get a completely personalized wedding reception from beginning to end where we work closely with you to create those one of a kind personalized touches to your wedding reception. Most of them are inspired by ideas that we come up with at our initial meeting. 

Up-lighting Services start at $400 for high end LED up-lighting  (Not cheap Home Depot Lighting that you can own for less than you rent it for, or cheaplights that cost $15 to own and you run the risk of people getting burned by their 200 watt and up bulbs. Don’t know how hot a 200 watt bulb is? Do you remember trying to change out the old 75watt or 100watt bulbs right after they been on for a while? Imagine 2 times hotter!) We use the latest and Greatest state of the art LED lights which give you full, rich colors that will match closely with your room decor.

Photo Booth Rental Services start at $697.00 and they include props plus a copy to all your photos

Is our pricing within your budget?

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