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Looking for a 5 Star DJ in Houston?

Then you’ve come come to the right place, DJ Francisco is one of the best options for if you are looking for experienced DJ in Houston. With over 20 years of professional. Successful. 5-Star. Positive Reviews. and Elegante wedding experience. You connot go wrong, and only go right!

Trust your event to Elegante Entertainment, an experienced Wedding DJ Company. Just read some of our reviews.

We are a full services entertainment company. At Elegante Entertainment we provide, Professional DJ Service, Photo Booth Service, Monogram Projection, Uplight Rentals, Dancing on a Cloud, L.O.V.E. Letters, Cold Sparklers, La Hora Loca Entertainment, Wall Wash Patterns, Personalized Wedding Party Introductions, Audio Visual Rentals, etc…

Elegante Entertainment will play the best hits at your event, so that all your guests, no matter where they may be from will get a chance to dance. That means that everyone there will have the opportunity to have a great time!

As a DJ, I have always loved Dancing. Because of that, it helps to tell the difference between the songs that are for dancing and the songs that are not for dancing. As a result, I can play those songs during your dinner reception. Playing a great mix of dancing songs will allow more people to remain out on the dance floor.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve trained not only in music but in Being an entertaining Master of Ceremonies, which means that all your guests attention will be completely focused, informed and on the same page with what is going on at the wedding.  So that when you dancing with you husband everyone’s eyes will be on you and living that special moment with you

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Besides the Professional DJ in Houston and Photo Booth services, we are able to further help you with the following upgrades to your unique wedding experience.


Wedding Monogram

Customized Wedding Monogram Lighting to show your wedding logo or monogram on the dance floor or a wall for all to see.

Dancing on a Cloud

Experience the feeling of dancing on a cloud during your first dance. It's a romantic idea and beautiful experience. Click on the Photo to read our Articles.


L.O.V.E. Letters add a reminder to your guests what is celebrated that day, and that is the love between to wonderful human beings.

Up Lighting

Up Lighting creates a romantic mood for your wedding reception. We can easily tie in the colors of your wedding to create a beautiful wedding atmosphere.

Audio & Video

An additional sound system may be rented for your Ceremony, cocktail hour. In addition, we can provide TVs or Projector Screen to show you slideshow.

La Hora Loca Show

Read our Blog Article on La Hora Loca and what it can do for your event!

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Couples love us! See our reviews on The Knot.

NOTE: If you receive an error when submitting this form, please send us an email at  [email protected]

Dancing on a Cloud and Sparklers Package

Dancing on a Cloud #dancingonacloud

This effect is produced with a powerful dry ice machine that creates a low lying cloud (Not to be confused with fog, as fog is not permitted in many venues) around the dance floor during a special dance, such as the bride and grooms First dance, or a Special Father Daughter dance during a Quinceanera or a Sweet 16. The effect lasts the duration of the song and allows for magical pictures for the photographer and videographer.

Sparklers #sparklers #sparkular

Sparklers or Cold Spark #coldspark machines create a high stream of bright sparks during special times of the night. They can be used to highlight the grand introduction, the first dance, or any other special dances during the night as well as cake cutting or the beginning of the open dancing. This creates a very noticeable #wowfactor at your event

Combined Both #dancingonacloud and the #sparklers can be combined to get an notch extra elegance to your wedding or formal event. This effect is very popular and very new and modern way to separate your event from the rest! We truly are  the Best DJ in Houston For weddings and quinceaneras!

Up Lighting for your Venue

LED Uplighting #uplighitnghouston

Simply put, uplighting is decorating with light. You’ve seen it in magazines and on Pinterest—ballrooms, tents, churches, and even backyards transformed and personalized through the magic of uplighting. Lighting is the best and most cost-efficient, and dramatic way to enhance an event venue. The stunning before-and-after transformations will amaze your guests. Enhance (or hide!) architectural features in your venue, and instantly create the mood and ambiance of your choice. Again, We truly are  the Best DJ in Houston For weddings and quinceaneras!We truly are  the Best DJ in Houston For weddings and quinceaneras!